The Vineyard

The vineyard is situated in the heart of Orange Park Acres in the city of Orange, California. The Spacing of the vines are 5ft. and the rows are 6ft. wide. The vineyard is hand harvested and the vines are meticulously cared for. The soil is composed of clay, silt, and sandy loam with ideal pH levels for growing Sangiovese and Cabernet. The weather during the growing season is suitable for these varietals with warm days and cool nights. Watering is accomplished using a slow drip irrigation system once every week or so and more often during warmer weather.
Very seldom does the temperature exceed 95 degrees. In early spring, we systematically treat the vines to ensure their health and safety, and protect them against any harmful insects such as the leaf hopper (GWSS), that has been known to attack vineyards in Southern California. Pruning, hedging, and training of the vines are essential as the vines grow at a vigorous pace. Spraying is performed regularly to prevent powery mildew from developing.

Towards the beginning of July, the grapes begin to change color. Watering is cut back at this time to prevent the grapes from splitting. Sugar levels begin to rise more quickly and in August, we net the vineyard to deter the birds. During the last 2 to 3 weeks prior to harvest, water is turned off so that the grapes, not the leaves, receive all the nourishment the vine has to offer. Harvest is usually around the first of September. We strive for long hang times to allow for phenolic ripening. This long growing season allows the grapes to mature and develop beautifully with high brix levels and complementing ideal pH levels.